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Work Your Energy

Mar 31, 2022

This week I introduce you to a simple 3-point model that I use in my business to help clients understand their place a bit more in this energetic universe we exist in. 

The Ego, The Self (identity) and The Energy or Quantum Field. 

As I talk through each area I focus in on how unhelpful the ego can be in our lives, and...

Mar 10, 2022

An introduction to my new podcast name and why I changed it, plus some new things coming up over the next few months. 

My book has changed its name (at the very last minute) so of course my podcast - which runs alongside it - needs to change too!

The content will remain the same, and is all in my new book too. 



Mar 3, 2022

This week we take another look at the collective consciousness, emotions and those negative thoughts that pop into our head, in a bid to try and understand what they are....and who they belong to.

I don't believe they all belong to us, and I provide many tips to help you understand yours and how to get back to more...