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Work Your Energy

Sep 27, 2023

Cracking The Matrix with guest interviewee Cate Montana, where we talk about her new book – Cracking The Matrix.

If you enjoyed the Matrix movies then you will love this episode, as we discuss everything from living inside a matrix (even quantum physicists suspect that this is the case) to the AI entities called the...

Jul 8, 2023

Sometimes in life you stumble across a book that contains an unbelievable but moving story, and Stephen Chua's story is just that. It contains all sorts of incredible things during his time spent in the special forces branch of the Singaporean army from 1981. 

He moved up the ranks fast, and made it to the level of...

Jun 21, 2023

This week we focus on the Summer Solstice, which astrologically begins at 3:33pm on 21st June 2023. 

In this episode I talk about the higher dimensional energies that are coming into the planet right now as the summer solstice begins, and how we can benefit from them. 

Healing and manifestation are working really well...

Jun 8, 2023

This week I talk about healing our cat, Simba, after we returned from our holiday and he was at death's door. At first I was so panicked that I used every energy modality I had ever worked with, and it worked he started to get better. 

The next day I felt called to work with the pleiadian energy and as I called on it, I...

Mar 22, 2023

Last week I promised to record an episode about my incredible parasite cleanse and here it is. 

It really got me thinking about a lot of things because one of the first things I noticed after starting the cleanse was how much better my connection to spirit was. The negative voices were gone again and I was connecting...