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Work Your Energy

Apr 14, 2022

This week we look at Dr David Hawkins levels of consciousness chart, and drill down on the level of fear. 

According to Dr Hawkins 85% of the planet are below the level of courage (207) and in the levels of anger, shame, guilt, manipulation, fear etc. and certainly I have worked with many entrepreneurs who are in the level of fear. It's fearful running your own business.

But how can this fear affect our business success? 

In this episode I provide 6 tips and techniques to help you step out of fear and into the higher vibrations available to us all on this planet. 

1. Leading from the heart and operating from the levels of love and compassion. 

2. Knowing yourself, and accepting yourself. 

3. Operating from the level of acceptance, which takes you nearer to the peak performance level of reason. 

4. Walking barefoot on the grass everyday for 20 minutes, enables you to pull up electrons and replenish your body. 

5. Belief structures and how our beliefs are shaping our reality. The fastest way to change your life, is to change your beliefs. 

6. A visualisation technique using the white healing light so you can banish those negative thoughts, doubts and the inner critic. 

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