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Work Your Energy

Nov 27, 2022

This week's episode is a request from a listener who wanted to learn more about expanding your consciousness but as we still don't have a good understanding of what consciousness is I decided to use some theories, definitions and theories to explain it. 

I start by defining the current dictionary definition, which is that consciousness is awareness. So expanding our consciousness is the same as expanding our awareness. 

I run through the metaphysical levels of consciousness with L1 equating to an inanimate object, L2 being an animal with awareness of surroundings but no awareness of self, L3 being a human with awareness of the physical world and the physical self, L4 being aware of the subtle energy, other dimensions and the paranormal, L5 going deeper into the quantum field etc. 

Then we dive into Micheal Beckwith's 6 phases of consciousness which is considered to be the soul's journey as it goes from believing that life is happening to it (victim mindset) to life is happening with it, to life is happening through it, to life is happening with i....until eventually the soul understands that it is consciousness, and the universe and everything that is happening is occurring for a reason - to learn, experience and grow. 

Finally we look at Dr David Hawkins Map of Consciousness where he measured energy imprints and emissions to find the levels of consciousness of certain emotions, thoughts, words etc. - fear, apathy, shame and guilt are some of the lowest vibrational frequencies and too low a place for us to create or manifest from. Whilst enlightenment, peace, joy and love are the highest vibrational emotions and where we should try and sit in order to create a better life for us. This is ascension and where the human consciousness is heading. 

And we end by looking at the concept of 'war on consciousness', interference from the field and how humanity has had their consciousness manipulated and dumbed down over the millennia. Especially post war which is causing the chaotic times we are living in now. The veil is lifting though and things are changing for the better as the overlays are lifted. 

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