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Work Your Energy

Feb 3, 2022

This week's episode is all about resistance, procrastination, lethargy, apathy and more and is what I call the black fog. I call it this because this is what it feels like to me, and I have found it can really affect your success levels. 

If life or business feels like wading through treacle backwards then maybe you have built up too many thought forms, egregores or low vibrational energy that is making it hard for you to flow through life? 

In today's episode I talk about this 'black fog' as I call it: Where it comes from and how to start clearing it from your energy field so you can become more productive and energetically aligned again.

I give you 6 tools and techniques you can start using today to begin changing the energy around you, and get back to your own authentic self, so you can thrive again. 

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