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Work Your Energy

Jun 8, 2023

This week I talk about healing our cat, Simba, after we returned from our holiday and he was at death's door. At first I was so panicked that I used every energy modality I had ever worked with, and it worked he started to get better. 

The next day I felt called to work with the pleiadian energy and as I called on it, I began to visualize beings walking into the room wearing long flowing tunics. I was amazed to see that Simba began to follow the movement of the beings around the room, watching them as they 'walked' through. I forgot that animals can see so much more than we can see!

The next day he was all better, and 2 days later he came back home. 

We can all call in energies to work with, whatever your beliefs are, it's just frequency, and your mind is directing it in any way you wish. You can use them for healing, communication, wisdom and more. If this triggers you then just see this is deeper parts of you, as we are all one being anyway. 

The episode ends with a brief look at where we are now as a planet, and where we are going as we move from lower 4D into upper 4D and beyond. 


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