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Work Your Energy

Dec 7, 2021

This week I talk about my own experiences with mental health, and how learning to manage my own energy and the energy around me, helped me to step out of depression (over time). ⁠

It is my belief that much of what we call mental health or depression is us, not recognising the energetic aspects of us. When we understand this multidimensional aspect of our being - mind, body and energy field we will be able to step out of depression forever. ⁠

It's actually not our natural state and yet so many of us depressed. ⁠
Studies using psilocybin (magic mushrooms) have shown that some participants can eliminate depression in as little as 6 weeks. How? Possibly because it allows us to connect to the energy field in a powerful way that biologically upgrades our body. ⁠

In a sense this can heal our body, as it brings high vibrational energy into us, but also because it creates a 'wow' factor in our minds, which literally quantum leaps us into a 'new' person. NDE's are thought to work in the same way and there are even some theories that say this is how we evolved so quickly. ⁠

This constant interaction with the higher energies of the energy field, changes us from within, so we then start to perceive reality in a different way, that is more beneficial to us. ⁠

Although I didn't use clinically managed magic mushrooms to eliminate my depression, I did use many energy tools and techniques, which I talk about in this week's help you thrive. ⁠

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P.s please note that this is taken from my previous podcast, hence the introductory title is not the same. I have now combined both my podcasts under this name, which is in line with my heart, my soul and my new book.