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Work Your Energy

Sep 8, 2022

Hello and welcome to a brand new season! Season 4. 

This season we are going to dive even more deeply into the invisible field of energy and light, and drill in on some specific areas. 

After taking a break in August and running polls, asking listeners and accessing my own intuitive guidance, the following areas have come up:-

1. The science behind spirituality

Most people asked to hear more about the science behind spirituality so this will be the main focus again, as I look at more sciency guest speakers and also research the ever growing science behind the spirit. 

2. Mental health and emlimitating depression 

With the aftermath of the pandemic, lockdown and loss of earnings, many of us are feeling depressed, so there will be neuroscientists and mental health gurus, as well as my own experiences and what worked for me. 

3. Esoteric wisdom and ancient knowledge 

The growing evidence of advanced ancient civilisations living on this planet thousands of years ago has to be discussed if we are to thrive as a species moving forward. How can we thrive if we don't know where we came from or who we were in the past. 

I will also talk about Wealth Consciousness as I am launching my money re-program course again in January, and I am already interviewing guest speakers to come on and talk about all things energy, consciousness, multidimensional living and ancient knowledge. 

We will launch next week with Why Grounding is Essential (and what it is and how to do it). 

In the meantime have a great week 

Love Elisabeth x


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