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Work Your Energy

Aug 18, 2021

This week's episode is combining high energy with social media, as a nicer and more energizing way to do your social media. At least it's the way that I do mine. 

I meet so many people who hate doing their social media, and so did I, until I started doing it this way. 

Mediating - journaling - writing or scheduling - sending out love. 

As always I talk about high vibrations, the energy field, and life. 

Here are the links from the episode. (scroll down to the bottom and sign up for my free guided meditation, to clear your energy field and run your energy) (join myself and Kim Oberoi for monthly art therapy and guided meditations. This month, it's connecting with your higher mind for more knowledge, wisdom and your life vision. 

Purchase a guided meditation - connecting to your superconscious or higher mind -