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Work Your Energy

Jun 23, 2022

This week I take a deeper look at Wealth Consciousness, and that is for two reasons. First because I have had a few people comment on how useful my previous episode on Wealth Consciousness was and secondly, because I am launching a group program about money next week. 

I've been wanting to open a group program for a while now, but didn't know exactly what to run it on, because I have so many qualifications, certificates and experiences I could do it on a ton of things, but decided on money, whilst I was writing my book. Amazon -

Its' something we are always having to work on, and I have been working on mine in another money mindset group for 5 years now, so it seemed to make sense to do this. I also feel that after covid this is what the world needs right now, as many are struggling. 

So the 6 steps are: -

1. Energy first 

2. Be intentional 

3. Work on your beliefs 

4. Financial tracking 

5. Habits and lifestyle 

6. Patience 


Links from the episode are:-

Money Group Program -

Podcast episode for Energetic Sales -