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Work Your Energy

Jun 2, 2022

This week we take a roller coaster ride through energetic sales which in my opinion splits into 3 areas:-

1. Intention

2. Emotions (energy) 

3. Beliefs 

And then finish up with 7 things you can do now to start feeling into the energy of yourself, your sales and your customers when you sell. 

1. Set Your intentions before the call so that you are directing your energy - intentions direct energy

2. Connect with your conscious beliefs around why you are selling it and whether you passionately believe in it. Heart is everything. 

3. Be really clear and specific about your product, benefits and how you can help your customer with it. 

4. Leave the fear, worry, desperation and struggle behind because people can 'smell' it, or in this case it becomes the energetic signature of your sales call. 

5. Get heart focused and heart centered so you can sell with love and compassion and step onto the high vibrational platform of creation. 

6. Practice daily journalling so you can get into your subconscious mind and find out what limiting beliefs you are really operating from. Do you have limiting beliefs around poverty, shame or unworthiness? If so, they may be sabotaging you or tripping you up. 

7. Thoughts are energy, so beware of those negative thoughts, negative feelings and the inner critic that can pull you down into that low vibrational place and take you away from heart centered focus (and power). 

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