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Work Your Energy

Sep 22, 2022

This week I have a fascinating (and very passionate) conversation with fellow researcher and author, Margaret O'Conner, about the hidden story of women in the catholic church.

She discovered that women used to be a fundamental part of the church, especially Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, but then this old knowledge became hidden by 1913.

She began researching and discovered that women not being allowed to become priests or be ordained, was never a religious thing, but a common law thing - which means it was cultural, not spiritual. Women were cut out on purpose, even though they had been a major part of it before.

So, why did the church ban women, and cut them out of the history books? Why indeed, which is what we explore today.

As I have a passionate dislike of the catholic church and the 'Skeksis', more commonly called Popes, I do go off on a few rants here and there, and appreciate Margaret's patience.

Nonetheless, it is a vibrant and fascinating discussion where we run through:-

1. the origins of the roman church and how it has nothing to do with god

2. the hijacked ego of the church leaders and how they 'jackbooted' their way around the world wiping out our ancient history and distorting the real truth of women in the church (I suspect this is where distortion of the truth and misinformation first began on a global scale in our world).

3. the role of women in the church and how they were the original priests

4. how thousands of male 'priests' got away with pedophilia and never even stood trial

And lots lots more....

Links form the show are:

Margaret's book, Scandel in the Shadows -

Margaret's website -


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