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Work Your Energy

Jun 16, 2022

This week I take a closer look at channeling and dive into some of the science behind it, in a bid to help reduce the fear around it, whilst discussing my own experiences. 

I am currently reading Helane Wahbeh's book The Science of Channeling, who is also the Director of Research at The Institute of Noetic Sciences (established by Dr Edgar Mitchell when he came back from the Moon).

I not only used some of her quotes to back things up, but I also notice that she uses the same science that I use in my own book, called Work Your Energy - Consciousness, non-locality, remote viewing, quantum entanglement, superposition and more - there is so much science out there now, its hard to be prejudiced to the truth of who we are anymore. 

In this week's episode, we look at what channeling is, the origins of it, the science behind it and ten end up with 4 positive benefits to my life and 2 areas where we need to be more careful. 

Links from this episode are: 

PODCAST EPISODE - What is Higher Consciousness Part 2


Work Your Energy -