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Work Your Energy

Jun 30, 2022

There are those times in my podcast journey where I stumble across a really interesting guest, and Jonathan De Potter the founder and CEO of @behold_retreats is one of those people.

We have a fascinating and organic conversation about everything from consciousness, to how psilocybin physically alters the brain, to how we are changing the collective consciousness together and even to the nature of reality. 

Jonathan also shares his own story with us - giving up the corporate world a few years ago to try and find his own path to a more fulfilling life.

He found his transformational path through psychedelic retreats but noticed that there were few companies who provided the level of support needed when dabbling with psychedelics.

So, he decided to set one up - Behold Retreats. And the rest is history.

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Or his social media accounts: @behold_retreats 


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