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Work Your Energy

Sep 1, 2021

This week's episode I look at 'waiting energy' and how so many of us are sitting in it, without even knowing it. We put things off, we find valid reasons not to do things or we don't take action.

But I'm not talking about procrastination, I'm talking about putting our lives on hold because of incorrect assumptions, not believing we can have the life we want, or thinking we don't have enough money. 

The problem is that sitting in 'waiting energy' means that we are then vibrating at that frequency and not only start attracting it back to us, but also stop moving forward with our lives. 

We embody waiting energy and therefore block our energy, and without even knowing it, we can end up sitting in this frequency, or state of being for years. 

How many times have we said to ourselves "when I have more money I will take that holiday"? Or "when I've lost 10lb then I'll buy that new dress". Or "when I can afford to pay a VA, then I'll do XYZ in my business". 

But with 'waiting energy' tomorrow never comes. 

Move yourself out of 'waiting energy' today and get your energy flowing again, so you can take action - sometimes any action - until you can get back to inspired and aligned action again.


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