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Work Your Energy

Dec 22, 2021

This week I take a look at wealth consciousness and what I determine the 6 aspects of the collective consciousness. Breaking each area down I give you tips and techniques all the way through so that you can start shifting your limiting beliefs around money (which we all have). 

1. The Conscious mind and intentional thinking 

2. The Subconsciousness mind, epigenetics and tackling yours and your ancestral limiting beliefs. 

3. Quantum entanglement with those closest to you. As Jim Rohn says we are the product of the 5 people we spend the most time with and changing ourselves can change our spouse too. 

4. The collective consciousness of the city we live in, and how there are abundant cities and debt culture cities. Which one are you living in? 

5. Global consciousness and how 93% of the world have limiting beliefs or are sabotaging themselves around money. Working on our own limiting programs around money can help change the world, as well as using our energy to channel consciousness and raise the vibration of the global collective. 

6. Cosmic consciousness, and how thinking big in this world can help us all to step out of debt and into a more abundant and prosperous life. We have so much power in our own bodies and around us in this universe we live in, and learning to tap into this can change reality for all of us. 

We have all created this global reality and we can change it, together, as soon as we step into the mindset of it. 

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