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Work Your Energy

Dec 18, 2022

Welcome to Part 3 of my Money Mini Series, and this week it's all about how to practice Wealth Consciousness Living. 

I start with a brief introduction of what Wealth Consciousness Living is, and then dive into 8 things you can do now to start living more consciously around wealth and happiness. 

1. Think about what you are tolerating in your life that you no longer want or need. 

2. Embody what you want - we manifest who we are, not what we want. 

3. What are you holding onto that is taking up space in your energy field - let it go with forgiveness. 

4. Taking ownership or responsibility of your wealth, because taking responsibility is a very high vibrational state of being. 

5. Tracking your money 

6. Finding your money drains by checking your bank statements or keeping a diary. 

7. Beware of interference in the field and collective consciousness. Always remember that not all thoughts are your own. They are coming in from The Field too. 

8. Jump onto the giving and recieving loop. What can you give with love and compassion? 


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