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Work Your Energy

Nov 3, 2022

This week is a short one, where I whizz through 4 easy techniques that you can do at home or in your tea break, to start making you feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Each technique builds on the last until you have a nice long meditation at the end of it: Which will make you feel very good!

Practicing this over time, will heal your body and mind and improve your wellbeing. I have been sending love and light to my body for years and it definitely works. 

Each technique is as follows:-

1. Saying I love you to each part of your body. 

2. Visualizing energy flowing through your energy channels and cleansing your energy body with love and white healing light.

3. Creating a grounding chord and releasing all the low vibrational energy from your body back into the earth to be neutralised. 

4. Create a field of high vibrational light and love around your body and send it out into the universe around you to heal the entire planet. 


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