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Work Your Energy

Jan 23, 2023

This week's episode is based on the new science that is proving the eastern philosophy of Life Force is correct...and matter follows our life-force: Where our life force (Qi) goes, our blood follows.

Which essentially means that "where our energy goes, matter follows" 

Quantum physics has now evidenced that this is true and it is our energy world that is directing or creating (manifesting) our physical world. 

So, we can use this concept to improve our life, by focusing on our energy first, before we do anything else in our business or life. 

The episode starts with a look at what "putting our energy first" means, and then ends with some tips and techniques to start putting your energy first, so that you can create a better reality for yourself. 

Top Tips are:-

1. Focus on getting yourself into a happy or positive mood as soon as you wake up, as this period as you awaken is a crucial time of day because it taps you into the Theta brainwaves, which are the self healing and manifestion brainwaves. Get this bit right and the rest of your day will go well. 

2. Once your vibrational frequency is raised, then visualize how you want the day to go so you can move your energy off in the right direction and then trust that 'physical' matter will follow. 

3. Write a gratitude list first thing, so you can raise your vibration and focus on what you want to create. 

4. Go for a run, or exercise, in the morning to help raise your vibration. 

5. Eat a healthy breakfast to raise your vibration because healthy food is of a higher vibrational frequency than sugary or processed food. 



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