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Work Your Energy

Feb 17, 2022

This week is a longer episode as I document my spiritual awakening journey in a bid to help you on yours. 

Although I have always been spiritual (not religious) and there are many periods of my life I could have used, I have chosen to use the transformational period, upon discovering energy techniques.

In particular after I had hypnotherapy, and when I began working with a shaman because I wanted to learn to channel. 

It's a very honest, open and rational account as I explain what the weird stuff is, and how to step past the fear. 

This was a dream of mine that took around 2 years to achieve (and then 12 months to process!) because I wanted to step back into my authentic self - which I believe is all of our authentic selves. 

It's who we really are - a spiritual being having a physical experience - but we are a species with amnesia and have forgotten who we are, as well as being interfered with from the invisible field by others who are aware of our energetic existence and the energy world we live in. 

Links from this episode: 

How I got myself back to Happy (Positive Feeling Technique)

How I learnt to Channel

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