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Work Your Energy

Dec 15, 2021

This week looks at the science behind what negative entities could be in terms of life forms that live in different dimensions. Maybe they are simply life forms, that we don't understand yet, and are living off us a petrol pump? 

I have been researching this area for 2-3 years now and I do believe we are living in a multidimensional universe, and as we can't see 99% of our universe (from an energetic perspective) we essentially don't know what's there. 

Seeing negative entities as something scary, is not helping us to evolve, because it's stopping us from looking at the larger energetic universe around us, and is keeping us trapped in low vibrational and fearful thinking. 

As soon as we wake up to the reality that we are in charge of everything to do with our body and energetic space, our lives will improve two-fold. 

We have been giving away our power - both physically and metaphysically - for centuries now, and its time for us all to take it back. 

You are a multidimensional being and are so much more than this physical reality. Now we can embrace all aspects of us, in this larger energetic universe we exist in.


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