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Work Your Energy

Jul 21, 2021

In the second part of this 3 part mini series, we look at the 2nd energy centre in the body, known as the sacral chakra. 

Blockages and stagnation can affect our emotions, feelings and even our levels of satisfaction in life. Trapped emotions or childhoods trauma's can block this energy centre and make it hard for us to become the true creators of our life, and manifest what we want. 

In this week's episode we run through how to tell if you have a blocked chakra, what to do about it and how it can affect our abundance and prosperity in life (blockages in any of the 3 lower chakras can effect our abundance and prosperity).  I talk about my own experiences of using these practices in my life and business and how it releasing energy blockages from my energy centres helped me to start enjoying my business again. 

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