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Work Your Energy

May 26, 2022

This week we take a closer look at the heart and in particular blockages in the heart, which I believe is something that most of the modern or western world is suffering from.

I talk about the chakra system in the body and how it plays a central role in the successes of our physical world.

I also describe how I intuitively 'see' these blockages in the heart and which metaphors are shown to help me understand more, so we can clear away blocks, ancestral trauma's and limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck in low self belief, struggle or lack.

I also refer to Karma again, and how I believe it is more of a vibrational level of consciousness that determines which level we incarnate into, as well as inherited ancestral traumas which are affecting our collective world. 

I am particularly passionate about this topic because we are what we believe we are, and whatever we believe is true, is then what we will create, so its important to dispell beliefs that are stopping us from living better lives. 

Its clear to me that we need to step out of fear, and karma keeps us stuck in fear. We need to step into love, and do things for the right reasons, not because we are too scared to do anything else. 


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