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Work Your Energy

Feb 6, 2023

This week I dive into another section from my new book, Work Your Energy, which looks at the power of belief, and in particular negative beliefs. Scientists discovered this through The Nocebo Effect, which is the opposite of The Placebo Effect. 

The placebo effect shows us that we can heal our body through the belief that our body is healed, whereas the nocebo effect shows us that our body can become sick if we believe it is going to become sick. In this case trial runs of pharmaceutical drugs. 

I focus in on depression and mental health because this is where I was 5 years ago, before I started writing my book, and energy work (and positive feeling) helped me to step out of it. 

This allows us to look more closely at the power of beliefs and the mind. 

Our beliefs make up our life, and yet how often do we really sit down and question our beliefs, consider if they are correct or even ask ourselves if someone else put them in there? 

I suspect that many of our beliefs come from the media that we watch, and statistics tell us that 99% of people, watch only 1% of the media - more commonly known as the mainstream media - which I'm not convinced is very helpful to us. 

Thinking about the beliefs that we hold in our minds can truly shift our success and happiness so fast, when you uncover limiting ones or ones that are holding you back. 


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