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Work Your Energy

Apr 21, 2022

Because a large part of my book covers higher consciousness I thought it made sense to explain what it was, why it's beneficial to us, and how we can tap into it for a better life. 

It's not only our connection to the energy field but it is who we are; the higher (and probably) better version of us. 

In this episode I refer to Mary O'Malley's 6 Levels of Consciousness to give a broader and wider view of what consciousness may be, quote Eckhart Tolle and skirt around quantum physics, neuroscience and altered states of brainwaves, to try and give a more scientific perspective. 

But as we cannot see it, we have no real evidence of what it is, so I talk you through how you can connect to it - by feeling it. 

Higher consciousness, is ultimately, a state of being, and this is its real power. When we begin to understand that all of our life's experiences are simply perspectives, created by our ego. Life can change fast. 

Get beyond the ego, or mind, and you can connect to higher consciousness, and the best version of you.