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Work Your Energy

Mar 22, 2023

Last week I promised to record an episode about my incredible parasite cleanse and here it is. 

It really got me thinking about a lot of things because one of the first things I noticed after starting the cleanse was how much better my connection to spirit was. The negative voices were gone again and I was connecting back to higher consciousness. 

I now understand its a process though, and as I talked about in my last book, Work Your Energy, we need to keep activating new energies constantly, as the negative entities, parasites or collective consciousness keep bringing us down - so we have to work on bringing ourselves back up again. 

Links from episode are:-

Setting strong boundaries around your energy space ($10) -

Daily Cleanse mediation to clear all those low vibrational energies out (Free) -

Grounding yourself into the ground (Spotify) -

(Apple) -



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