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Work Your Energy

Mar 10, 2022

An introduction to my new podcast name and why I changed it, plus some new things coming up over the next few months. 

My book has changed its name (at the very last minute) so of course my podcast - which runs alongside it - needs to change too!

The content will remain the same, and is all in my new book too. 

I'm looking for people to interview who have had a supernatural encounter or experience. AND. I'm also looking for people who have turned their life around in some way and can use their story to inspire others. 

Email me on 

I now have a Facebook group that runs alongside my new book, so simply buy a copy of the book and then join the group to ask more questions, learn more and connect with others.

And lastly I have set up a Speak Pipe account so if you want to comment on any episodes or ask questions, you can do so on this link.

Contact details: 

@ruthelisabethhancock (FB & Insta)


I'm also on SoundCloud too!

Look forward to connecting with you