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Work Your Energy

Jul 28, 2022

This week I talk about the resistance I experienced when my book launched.

It was obviously both a stressful and exciting time and as such it created a lot of resistance, thought-forms and electrical hiccups that created physical effects in my business and life. 

Things went wrong, electrical and technology glitches occured and more, but we don't tend to see things from an eletrical or energetic point of view. 

We get frustrated because we perceive lots of things to be going wrong in our lives when in reality we have caused them ourselves, albeit from an energetic level. 

Everything starts as energy, and eventually manifests physically, and when we remember this, we are then more equipped and empowered to make the necessary changes. 

Getting annoyed doesn't help, it just brings our vibration down. Staying positive and journaling to find the part we played in it is what we can do. 

All Frequency Starts With Us.....


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