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Work Your Energy

Dec 25, 2022

This weeks episode I interview Tim sanders from OMNIA who's company makes the stickers that I have been using on my screens to rebalance the electromagnetic radiation fields in our home, using a new type of energy called Deca Energy. 
We start by talking about what Deca energy is and who invented it, then launch into...

Dec 18, 2022

Welcome to Part 3 of my Money Mini Series, and this week it's all about how to practice Wealth Consciousness Living. 

I start with a brief introduction of what Wealth Consciousness Living is, and then dive into 8 things you can do now to start living more consciously around wealth and happiness. 

1. Think about what you...

Dec 11, 2022

Wecome to the 2nd part of my Wealth Consciousness Mini Series and this week it's all about raising your vibration. 

We start by looking at what raising your vibration means and then move onto 6 vibrational frequencies or states of being that most people are sitting in - but which are very low vibrational and we can't...

Dec 4, 2022

Welcome to Part 1 of my Wealth Consciousness Mini Series!

I called this episode Popping Bubbles because it's all about journaling which feels like popping bubbles to me - when you get that Aha moment and find a limiting belief or incorrect story that is keeping you stuck, it feels like air has popped from your...