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Work Your Energy

Sep 27, 2023

Cracking The Matrix with guest interviewee Cate Montana, where we talk about her new book – Cracking The Matrix.

If you enjoyed the Matrix movies then you will love this episode, as we discuss everything from living inside a matrix (even quantum physicists suspect that this is the case) to the AI entities called the Archons; who are mind viruses or parasites that feed off human emotions and make us believe that we are evil; to the power of the mainstream media, that keeps us stuck in this matrix of the mind.

We are free, loving and sovereign beings but if everything that we watch or listen to tells us that we are not good enough, we are just a physical shell of blood and bones or that evil is part of our human story we soon start to believe it.

The episode ends with Cate giving her solutions to how to escape this matrix and how we have far more power than we believe. 

As Cate lives in Maui, we also talked about what is happening over there, the state of the country after the fire, and also the amazing blank canvas that the residents have been gifted, and how they are going to create their own reality onto it, away from the globalists who are trying to turn it into a 15 minute city (prototype) behind their backs.

To contact Cate:-

Cate is on Substack under cmontana

And on Amazon for Cracking The Matrix (and several of her other books)