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Work Your Energy

Nov 16, 2023

This week I interview Stephen Hawley Martin, who is the author of more than 36 books and the founder of Oaklea Press, a publishing house based in the US.

We discuss his interest in Edgar Caycee, in particular what Caycee said about human origins, and how the physical form was manifested by the spiritual form.

And we also look at the Anunnaki (as mentioned in the Mesopotamian tablets and many indigenous accounts around the world) and discuss who they might be, whether we are the descendants of them and whether they are still around today. 

A fascinating discussion as we look at true human origins, whether we are the descendants of an extraterrestrial race of people and if these Anunnaki people are still running our world today (and what we call the elites).

To contact Stephen or learn more about him view his website here -


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